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About the Course

Our Nexus team of licensed real estate and marketing professionals created this 60-minute step-by-step for online course to walk you through the process of how to sell your own home in California without paying any realtor commissions or realtor flat fees.  And when you need professional help with transaction coordination, getting listed on your local MLS, negotiating the sale of your home, or any staging and marketing assistance, our award-winning professionals are here to help you on an affordable hourly basis.

This online course on how to sell your own home in California was designed on the premise that when homeowners decide to sell their home, it is you, the homeowner, who does most of the work, not your realtor.  So why pay a realtor thousands or tens of thousands of dollars from your equity, when you are perfectly capable of learning how to sell your own home in California as long as you follow the following five easy chapters.  Each chapter is broken down into short easy-to-follow sections detailing how to get your home ready for sale and how to process your transaction with our professional help when needed. 

We’re here to ensure you save a lot of money while safely and efficiently processing your transaction.  Are you ready to get started?  Are you curious how much money you can save?  Schedule your free consultation today here.

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Welcome to the Course
Get to Know Me :-)
Course Outline & Objectives

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Chapter 1

 Preparing Your Home

Repairing Broken Items
Paint Colors
Declutter & Depersonalize
Be Aware of Odors
Home Staging & Curb Appeal
Kids & Pets
Adding Home Value

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Chapter 2

Pricing Your Home

Measuring Comps
Measuring Your Home Value
Pricing Your Home

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Chapter 3

Marketing Your Home

Writing Your Description
Where/How to Market
Showing Your Home
Open Houses
Safety Measures

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Chapter 4

Offers, Negotiations, Closing Co., Transaction Coordination, Disclosures & Documentation

Handling Offers & Negotiations
Your Closing Company
Transaction Coordination & Documentation
Contingency Timelines

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Chapter 5

Legal Responsibilities
Departure Details

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