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Nexus is more than just a how-to-sell-your-home course with professional help.  We have also helped hundreds of happy clients to buy the home of their dreams and we can do the same for you with our California home buying online services and consultations.  Our flat fee services take all the guesswork out of buying your home.

Our seasoned professionals will help you find your perfect home, diligently negotiate your transaction, and help you through the transition process with our California home buying online and consultations.  In addition to welcoming you home with our customary closing gift, we will also give you a check for $500 for every $100K of your new home’s value.  For example, if you buy an $800K home, we’ll give you $4,000 back for you to use on new home upgrades, to pay down your mortgage, or to take a vacation with your friends and family.

Please contact us today to discuss how to get started on California home buying online.  With our courses and consultations, we will work with you to get pre-qualified, manage any contingencies that you may have, get you fully qualified and altogether ready to buy your home.  Having everything organized and properly managed when you begin negotiating your new purchase makes all the difference in getting you the right home at the right price.  Let’s get started today with a free consultation.

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