How Can I Sell My Home with No Real Estate Agent and Pay No Commission?

Nexus Home Sales is built for efficiency.  We charge 0% commission so you can keep YOUR home’s equity for what YOU want: paying off debt, helping with tuition, traveling with loved ones or upgrading your next home.

When a discount brokerage or a conventional agent lists a home, it is always the seller, not the agent, who prepares the home and accommodates showings.  So if you’re doing 80% of the work, why are you paying them such huge fees?  They are not more capable of showing your home than you are.  Nexus eliminates these inefficiencies, along with their associated commission fees.  No Waste.  Our step-by-step course gives you everything you need to sell your home and we customize our representation to your specific needs.  In our 60 minute course, we’ll detail each step on selling a home in California without a real estate agent.

At some point, you may want a little professional help.  And, you’ll get it through our extra value services.  Every seller’s needs are different so we’ve tailored our services to meet YOUR needs.  For example, while you might prefer professional assistance with negotiations, your neighbor might need help with staging.  Nexus serves YOUR needs to help you with selling a home in California without a real estate agent, while saving you money and not wasting time.

Nexus Basic provides everything you need for selling a home in California without a real estate agent or any broker representation.  When you buy the package, you’ll instantly receive an email with the next steps and a link to begin the course.  If you would like to upgrade from Basic to Nexus Gold or Platinum at any time, you are welcome to do so.

Our highest value packages, Nexus Gold and Nexus Platinum, deliver high-efficiency broker representation through our training courses and valuable custom services for 0% Commission.  Simply buy the package that suits you best, visit with our on-boarding specialists, sign our cancel-anytime listing agreement and within 24 hours you’ll have all of the next steps, tailored for you, to sell your home and put that commission money toward those other important areas of your life.

What if I'm selling my house, condo, townhome, or estate and I change my mind mid-course?

No Problem. We 100% guarantee that you will get your home sold.*  And, if you need extra help along the way, our extra-value services and award-winning real estate professionals are here for you.  But if you simply don't have the time or if this course isn't for you, we'll refund your tuition fees when we list and sell your home for you the traditional way for a small flat fee.* That's a 100% win-win for everyone!

Why is California the only state in which Nexus is offered?

Your Nexus Home Sales course includes everything you need for selling a house in California without a realtor, including a variety of checklists, forms, and technical recommendations consistent with California laws, regulations, and accepted practices.  As Nexus continues to grow our service network, additional states will be added.  Do you have a particular state that you would like to see served as a priority?  Contact us today and we'll get back to you with a timeline for service.

How Does Nexus Benefit Realtors?

Nexus Home Sales provides new opportunities for sellers and buyers alike. Through our unique efficiencies, Nexus empowers sellers with new economic advantages to list their home for sale by owner without costly commissions.  Instead of listing with an inflated price to cover a realtor’s commission, sellers can now properly price their home for sale.  With properly priced homes on the market, buyer’s agents now have legitimate sales opportunities that would never have existed otherwise.  Plus, for realtors who are exhausted by chasing commissions, Nexus is hiring salaried positions in select areas.  Interested?  Let us know.

Since I’ve never thought to sell my home by myself, is it difficult?

Absolutely not.  Through the course training on selling a house in California and additional supplied assets, you are provided everything you need, step-by-step, to sell your home.  If you need additional help with, say, negotiations or other paperwork, we're here for you.  Of course, we'll be checking with you every step of the course to make sure you're on track.  And, we invite you to ask us for help at any time.  Plus, your tuition is 100% Guaranteed* so even if you decide the course is not for you, you'll be refunded* at closing when we sell your home for you.

Why is Nexus so Economical?

What do LegalZoom, WebMD and Nexus all have in common?  High-efficiency personally-tailored broadcasting.  We are able to meet our clients’ common needs through a common course while serving their unique requirements with personally tailored service.  Each chapter of the Nexus course guides you step-by-step through the process of selling your home.  If you need extra help, our extra value services quickly and efficiently resolve your barriers to sale, whatever they may be.

Why should I get the Extra Value Team Bundle to Help Me Sell My Home?

The Nexus Team Bundle is perhaps the most valuable asset offered with our course.  When added to your Nexus Gold or Nexus Platinum packages, you will receive the complete knowledge and expertise needed for your specific transaction.  Our team of seasoned, licensed real estate professionals are your muscle when it comes to managing the more difficult but critical tasks of selling your home.  Whether we’re helping you with price strategies, managing the details of your transaction, negotiating on your behalf, reviewing and negotiating your offers and counter offers, or ANYTHING else related to your transaction, you’ll find our experts to be well worth this small investment.  Please buy the Nexus Team Bundle at checkout for a 10% discount.

* please see terms & conditions