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Refer A Friend...
Get $50 in Home Improvements On Us

Every day, the licensed real estate and marketing professionals at Nexus Home Sales strive to help homeowners through the process of home sales in California with our online courses and support.  By eliminating the need to pay commissions or requiring a buyer’s agent, Nexus gives homeowners the flexibility to adjust the price of their home if needed, triggering a faster sale for them.  Plus, since there is no commission or flat fee with Nexus, homeowners can keep all of the money that would have otherwise gone to an agency.

The Nexus referral program is our marketing team’s way of saying thank you to our clients for referring friends and family to the Nexus way of doing business.  Simply provide us the name of your referral and when they sign up for Nexus, we’ll send you a gift card worth $50 at any Home Depot including  There is no limit so please invite as many friends and family members to Nexus as you like.

And, in addition to getting that new barbecue set or some new plants for your home, you’ll enjoy knowing that you’ve helped that special someone with their home sales in California.  And, of course, you know that our award-winning customer service, marketing, and licensed real estate professionals will help your friends and family to succeed in the sale of their home.