Southern California Market Trends, Pressures, Covid-19 & New Opportunities


This body served as a guideline script for the Nexus Webinar dated May 13, 2020

Welcome everybody!

This is the Nexus Southern California webinar focusing on market trends, pressures, covid-19 related issues, and some EXCITING New Opportunities that never existed before.

Today, we'll touch on the various types of real estate assistance that you can get if and when you decide to sell your home.  Of course there are options to sell For Sale By Owner, you have full service and flat fees discount brokerages.  And, there’s an exciting new Hybrid way of selling your home that is gaining a lot of momentum which allows you to sell your home by yourself, with professional guidance and licensed support whenever you need help in the process. We'll talk about the national market trends and what’s going on in Southern California.  Covid-19 is having a dramatic effect on home values.

We’ll share with you the latest unemployment numbers and how consumer spending is...

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