Selling Your Home On Your Own: How and When To Start

Selling your home on your own has some big advantages, the biggest of which is saving yourself huge amounts of cash by eliminating commission fees.  But selling on your own can make some sellers nervous.  This is normal -- the nerves come from venturing into uncharted waters. 

The fact is that most of what gets done in a conventional real estate transaction is done by the owners anyway.  Sure, realtors play an important role in certain parts of the transaction, like disclosures, pricing strategy, negotiations, or managing paperwork, but the majority of time and effort that goes into selling a home, such as preparing the home for sale or showing a home, are often well within an owner's wheelhouse. 

And what about timing?  Other considerations which affect home values, such interest rates, unemployment rates, and the Federal Government's new CARES Act which includes provisions and obligations for home owners, may affect the timing of putting your home up...

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